Bonesse can be part of your daily routine

Bonesse packs the power of total bone nutrition into great tasting, individually wrapped melts or easy to swallow capsules. The easy to absorb, nutrients in Bonesse help build, maintain and repair


  • Helps build healthy bone
  • Helps improve bone density
  • Helps reduces bone collagen loss
  • Does not cause bloating/gas
  • Does not require food to be taken
  • Does not require a drink to use
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for people on-the-go
  • Diabetic-friendly

Available in two delicious flavors, rich Chocolate and smooth Caramel. Enjoy Bonesse anytime, even on-the-go. No meal or drink required. 

Melt Features:

  • Product from natural sources – safe and effective
  • No Lactose – removes a sugar, helps avoid allergies, helps with diabetic use
  • No Caseins – helps avoid allergies
  • No Sugar – provides benefit without compromising dietary needs
  • No Trans Fats – supports heart health
  • No BGH – from selected natural sources with no antibiotics

1 melt per day for healthy adults
Type: Melts



Barcode: 344602 27639 6
Item Number: BC 30276
30 pieces


Barcode: 344602 65918 2
Item Number: BC 30659
30 pieces